Ethicon Vaginal Mesh Documents Destroyed

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Vaginal Mesh documents were lost or destroyed over the course of a decade by a Johnson & Johnson company called Ethicon. This revelation falls on the heels of an already escalating legal battle that will soon have its day in federal court February 2014.

The vaginal mesh in question is the Ethicon Pelvic Repair System.

Injured patients have long complained about organ damage, pain and discomfort as a result of defective vaginal mesh implants they received from Ethicon. Johnson and Johnson, based out of New Brunswick, NJ, has already been court order to pay $11 million to a woman affected by their other vaginal mesh implant called Prolift.

Ethicon spokesman, Matthew Johnson, sent an email saying “We have never intentionally destroyed, withheld, or failed to produce relevant documents.”

The spokesman went on to say that the company (Ethicon) had an appropriate process for retaining documents and has already submitted millions of those documents to plaintiffs’ lawyers. However, Ethicon did admit that this may not have always been the case over the years. When Johnson & Johnson’s former unit president Renee Selman left the company, Ethicon said it did in fact “destroy all documents” that were present on her computer hard drive.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers stated that just because some of the employees were not aware of proper procedure does not mean that the defendants should get just a slap on the wrists.
“Many employees did not understand that they were supposed to preserve documents,” said plaintiffs’ attorneys “or how they were supposed to do it.”

There are fears that without these documents, it would be increasingly difficult to adequately represent these women seeking justice after being injured by defective vaginal mesh devices. Some women have had to have multiple surgeries to treat their injuries. It was only last year that Johnson & Johnson decided to pull just a select amount of vaginal mesh implants from the market. And this is only after the onslaught of vaginal mesh lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson.

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